JUNO Journal: May 2024

News & Views Relational Ethics As best I can I try to stay up to date with as much as I can, of relevance to and with the potential for impact on, the part of the world that JUNO operates in: leadership development, workplace coaching, social justice and welfare, employment and labour market trends to […]

JUNO Journal: April 2024

News & Views Kindness and Bravery When you have operated in the Leadership Development space for as long as we have at JUNO there are words and phrases that are heard often and always. Many of them are organisational buzzwords and the corporate jargon of the day. In our experience there’s two words that aren’t […]

JUNO Journal: March 2024

News & Views ‘Six surprising leadership stats’ One of my ‘ideas partners’ (yes, I have a small cluster of ideas partners; a story for another edition perhaps) sent me an article last month with ‘53 surprising leadership statistics on training, culture and development in 2024’. I’d not had the chance to read the piece until […]

JUNO Journal: February 2024

News & Views Coaching in the Chaos – Everyday The new year is well and truly upon us. 2024 is looking like another big year for sure – one might say it’s looking a tad chaotic – already! Chaos or not – happy New Year from JUNO to you. Our clients and partners are off […]

JUNO Journal: November/December 2023

News & Views The Directors Message “Including Inclusion” There’s a particular topic that is rarely far from the top of our minds at JUNO as we continuously improve our Programs – in particular the 12-week Adaptive Leaders Program. That topic is – Inclusion. Inclusion: welcoming, understanding, embracing, and leveraging diversity and difference. Diversity of mindset […]

JUNO Journal: October 2023

News & Views The Directors Message “Business for Good“ Early last week I posted on LinkedIn about JUNO recently becoming a certified Social Trader. If you missed it – the post went exactly like this: ‘Business-for-good’ has a certain ring to it – don’t you think? With about as much pleasure as I can muster, […]

JUNO Journal: September 2023

News & Views The Directors Message Flourishing and Thriving Spring has sprung – again. My oh my the years sail by very quickly, don’t they? I had a couple of potential topics in frame for this month’s message. Spring time was one, my beloved Collingwood Magpies in the AFL Finals was another. Both are great […]

JUNO Journal: August 2023

News & Views The Directors Message Beware the Stereotype “The multi-stage life is much more personalised and flexible, and it has a number of career breaks and lots of transition points.” I pulled that quote out of a recent article written on ‘age-diverse talent’. In an age (no pun intended) and time where we are […]

JUNO Journal: July 2023

News & Views The Directors Message “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein. A quote attributed to Albert Einstein That quote could also be the ‘north star’ for us here at JUNO and in particular for our Program participants. Surrounded by difficulty and challenge over the past couple […]

JUNO Journal: June 2023

News & Views Habits and Futures “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.” One of the challenges often faced here at JUNO is the dreaded budget challenge. That quote is attributed to F.M. Alexander. He was an Australian actor and author who developed the Alexander Technique, […]