February Journal

Paul’s Jotting


And we are BACK…

Hard to fathom it’s 2021, and more to the point we are running headlong towards March. Oh my.

Juno is all systems go in 2021 for sure. We have Programs in-flight, Programs pending, and Programs pipelined. That said we do have some capacity for 2021 toward the middle of the year and in the second half of 2021. So fear not, if Juno’s Adaptive Leaders Program is on your list as a potential leadership offering for 2021, let’s chat, soon.

The first of 10
I said in a Jotting late last year that our Journal helps us build a neat library of interesting leadership content. It also helps us spread the good Juno Institute word and stay connected to our many and varied clients, partners and alumni. We are planning 10 Journals for 2021 February through November inclusive. Feel free to forward the link to our Journal to anyone in your leadership, professional and LinkedIn network that you think may be interested in it, and that might benefit from its content. In turn we hope you (and they) will subscribe to receive future editions direct to your inbox.

Forward toward progress (we learned plenty in 20twenty)
I think we all spent enough time talking and reading about 2020 in 2020, so for us here at Juno Institute it’s forward toward progress. That said, without 2020 we wouldn’t have truly known our own capability to adapt to the context that was served up. Most importantly we would never have learned the valuable lessons provided by having to adapt to virtual delivery. Go figure that Mentor and Protege relationships could develop remotely and still be very effective, and that my trusty and thoroughly capable Team at JI could adapt in quick time and run Passport to Work and Adaptive Leaders virtually, and then of course go figure that GRADUATIONS could still be warm and positive and thoroughly wonderful on ZOOM!

How you want it, where and when you want it…

We are carrying blended delivery options into 2021 to match the staged and phased return to office and to match the needs and wishes of our clients and partners. We are essentially adopting the motto that however you want ‘it” delivered, is how we will deliver it. I must say though that face to face delivery still has its upside given that we humans are built for connection.

So, here’s to 2021, enjoy this February read and reflection. See you in March, if not before at a coffee shop near you to talk about all things Leading & Leadership and Juno Institute.

– Paul Lacey, Director

PG’s Musing

Echoing Paul, it’s 2021, how’d that happen?

So so so much to muse about, where to begin? Politics, Business, the Economy, Philosophy, Leadership Theory and Practice? All of the aforementioned are worthy candidates of course.

Let me start here though. In 2020 I read maybe 35 books. It felt like 10 years of professional development packed into one. I deliberately created the time and space to read and reflect and journal and think. To be sure 2020 was not without its challenges, but in a way it certainly had its blessings too.

For February’s Muse I’ll take you into just one of the books I read in 2020: “On Truth” written by Harry G Frankfurt, first published in 2006 and reprinted at least 8 times with the most recent being in 2018.

On Truth is a quick and relatively simple read. It’s in essence an essay converted to a book. And its central concern is the ‘value and importance of truth’. Ponder that, the value and importance of truth, to everyday life, to worklife, to organisations, to relationships and so on.

Frankfurt wrote of the importance of truth at the societal level and the individual level. He links truth to ‘cohesion’ in human society. He usefully and powerfully talks about lies and ‘bullshit’ too, all in a comparative context of course to truth given that he is a Princeton Professor no less.

So what to make of all of this in the context of a Juno Institute Journal Muse?

Frankfurt steps off a place that says ‘we live at a time when, strange to say, many consider truth to be unworthy of any particular respect’. He notes that a cavalier attitude to the truth is endemic in many sectors, occupations and professions. The sad reality also is that in many cases we have come to accept that as just the way it is. Reflecting on my own time in corporate life truth is often a casualty in the day to day of organisations (sadly).

Just one of the key lifts I took from On Truth into my own notes for reflection follows here:

At a practical level, “caring about the truth has a deeper and more general significance. It provides a ground and a motivation for our curiosity about the facts and for our commitment to the importance of inquiry.”

Some questions for you (and I) to ponder as we set about 2021…
As a Leader and as a human, do you care about the truth? Does the truth provide grounds for your curiosity about facts? How do you relate to and navigate those in your workplace and in your life that Frankfurt labels ‘fakes, phonies and fraudsters’?


– Peter Godfrey ‘PG’ Associate Director

Curated Content

In curating content for the Juno Journal I know that your time is precious and I know that the information superhighway is awash with content, and just a little hyper-reality. Selective and minimalist is the goal, aiming for stuff that is fresh, provokes a thought, is interesting, and now and again I’ll add something-completely-different.

Welcome to the first Journal for 2021 and of course the first set of curated content for the year. It’s fair to say that without a December 20 or January 21 Journal I have loads of content queued for you. But, what to add in and what to leave out? The curator’s dilemma. Try these on for size in a ‘less is more’ frame of reference.

Self-Governance, Strengths, Direct Communication

As your year ramps up there might be a nugget or two to take out of this short Medium piece on ‘The Top 3 Leadership Strategies You Should be Using’ to weave into your work as a leader. I am a little cool on mandating leadership strategy, given that leading is a healthy blend of art and science. Nonetheless there’s some easy pick and lift content here.

Take Stock; Take the Lead

This piece by Erika James, Dean at the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania will take you about two minutes to read. My suggestion after you read it is to pause for another few minutes and maybe figure out what you can apply from it to your version of 2021. When I read it in January, I did just that.

Improving your people’s inner working lives and your organisation’s performance

At Juno we firmly believe that once a good idea, pretty much always a good idea. Similarly from my perspective once a quality article, most often still a quality article. Fads come and go, and self-help leadership content abounds, but true insight tends to last the distance and stick. Such is this 10 year old HBR piece on making progress and meaningful work. Do you use catalysts and nourishers in your day to day leadership efforts? Do you check in on your people or check up on them?

Random (or perhaps not so random) ‘Quote’ of the Month

Paul referred to human connection in his Jotting, and human connection is central to Juno Institute’s ethos and Programs. Apt therefore to lead 2021 with this quote from Japanese Writer Haruki Murakami:

“A person’s life may be a lonely thing by nature, but it is not isolated. To that life other lives are linked.”



Heading back into the office soon?

Here’s a very short (and mildly amusing) video on teamwork!!


At Juno we’re not recommending you do this, but it might be funny if you did… More to the point though, would your colleagues notice?

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