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Paul’s Jotting



Why are you excited Paul? Because, the Juno Institute is launching a new Program. Yes my trusty readers, followers, clients and partners I am really happy to be able to let you know that we have a new Program.

(A)authentic Leaders Program

“Leading authentically has never been more important than today.”

In designing and developing our ‘(A)authentic Leaders Program’ we have zeroed in on the very essence of what it means to be an authentic leader. The essential ingredients for anyone starting out as a Leader no matter the size and scale of their team or organisation, or the industry or sector in which they work.

We know from our own work and experience, as well as the leadership literature, that ‘Authentic Leadership’ is about: building connection; self-awareness and self-regulation; listening; optimism and confidence; and decision making that builds trust and commitment. The ‘hard graft’ of leadership, you might say.

We have designed our (A)authentic Leaders Program with those early in their leadership journey in full view. Our Program will lay solid bedrock for whatever challenges and opportunities come next for participant leaders.

Our (A)authentic Leaders Program will work in three ways. One as a stand alone Public Program. Two as a Client Specific Program integrated into our client’s overall leadership development strategy and plans. Two lays the foundation for three in so far as our (A)authentic Leaders Program absolutely sets the foundation for Leaders to articulate into our flagship Adaptive Leaders Program in Client organisations.

There’s loads more information on our new (A)authentic Leaders Program available on our website via this link and there’s a downloadable brochure on the (A)authentic Leaders Program there too.

Keep a watch out for news on our first Public Program scheduled for October 2021. Places will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants. In the meantime feel free to drop a line to me directly at  placey@junoin.com or PG at  pgodfrey@junoin.com  expressing your ‘early-bird’ interest in (A)authentic Leaders and we’ll be in touch with dates and related information.

I’m excited

– Paul Lacey, Director

PG’s Musing

A Podcast Teaser

In between lockdown 4.0 and 5.0 I managed to squeeze in a couple of coffee catch ups. One of those catch ups in particular is inspo for this muse. In turn that coffee catch up will likely lead to a Podcast featuring yours truly in the not too distant future. More detail on the time and place of the Podcast in good time, but suffice to say it’s tone and tenor will have, surprise surprise, a philosophy-human-leadership’ feel to it.

Anyway I am in the process of sorting my thoughts and notes in anticipation of the Podcast and figured I’d test out an element or two here in my Juno Journal muse.

If you have stayed with me here, or on Medium or on LinkedIn, this past 18 months or so you’ll already know about my self-imposed and self-detailed sabbatical of sorts. The pandemic precipitated pause, the covid caused cessation, of all that was considered normal. In short, time I put to very good use deliberating, reading, reflecting, re-assessing, re-energising and so on.

I immersed myself in a range of literature and material that might not usually fit the mould of leadership development theory; that almost certainly wouldn’t feature on reading lists of leadership development courses; and that is unlikely to be recommended to you to read by your current leader-boss that is pulling 60 hours a week and is ‘busy’ beyond comprehension in back-to-backs!

My quest was in essence to go back, way back in some instances, to find out. To find out what I could have and perhaps should have known about leading and leadership, well before leading and leadership was a ‘thing’. My starting point was a return to some of my days as an under-grad and to the discipline of Philosophy. I aimed to pick and lift lessons from there and then and bring them to the now, and to the art, science and practice of leading and leadership.

And so to the teaser…


Marcus Tullius Cicero ‘Cicero’ the Roman lawyer writer and orator that urged Roman elites to adopt Stoic ethical teachings. For Cicero ‘right is perfect and absolute. Right satisfies all the numbers. What is right and what is expedient can never be separate things.’

Leadership application

Imagine as a leader, just for a time, if you will, that expedience wasn’t a feature of the modern day organisational ecosystem. ‘The way we do things around here isn’t expedient, we do things around here the right way for the right reasons because it’s the right thing to do.

Keep an eye out for news of the Podcast.


– Peter Godfrey ‘PG’
   Associate Director

Curated Content

In curating content for the Juno Journal I know that your time is precious and I know that the information superhighway is awash with content, and just a little hyper-reality. Selective and minimalist is the goal, aiming for stuff that is fresh (or refreshed), provokes a thought, causes you to pause and ponder, is interesting, and I’ll add something-completely-different now and again.

Bad Decisions

We have all made them and we have all seen and felt them being made. Morgan Housel gives insight into the common causes of very bad decisions.


Seth is a regular read for your trusty curator. A short blog here on three types of kindness. We like and admire kindness at the Juno Institute.

Ceramics - Quantity or Quality?

No lead in from me, you just have to read this one. It’s short.

Leadership is Story-telling

I have a folder of stuff on story-telling that I revisit now and again. A 3-minute Medium piece just for you.

Accepting your unique self and thriving

At Juno we celebrate difference, and we absolutely work effectively with many that are different. A gem of a read from Mind Cafe just landed.

Random (or perhaps not so random) ‘Quote’ of the Month

Choices are always ours to make, right?

“Nothing is noble if it’s done unwillingly or under compulsion. Every noble deed is voluntary.”

― Seneca


Sometimes you have to be brave, sometimes it isn’t easy, and never miss a party if you can help it. This 2013 TedX Talk is heading for 47 million views. You may have seen it, you may not have. If you have already, maybe it’s time you did again. Sam Berns #Inspirational.

Watch it now

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