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Paul’s Jotting – Winter Solstice, End Of Financial Year, and the Simple Things…


How is it that just as the days get shorter I need more time? I am uncertain whether I need more days, more daylight hours, or just more hours. Ahhh winter solstice: the Sun travelling its
shortest path through the sky, and therefore the least daylight and the longest night. I think there’s definitely a metaphor in there somewhere for yours truly.

“Hello dear reader, I hope our June Juno Journal finds you well.”

In preparing this month’s Jotting my trusty editor asked me, so Paul, what’s on your mind? My reply… ‘take a step back while I open the fire hydrant’.

“What’s crowding my headspace at the moment is wrapping up the EOFY. You know, all that stuff that you just have to get done! I am finishing tenders and proposals that clients and partners need by the 30th of June, planning Adaptive Leaders Graduations, and more. I think I am finding that solstice metaphor, just as things start to shorten they lengthen again, or something like that. There’s a bit of a magic around 30 June, and then come 1 July it’s all go go go again. A truly great challenge to have. The polarity of exhaustion and excitement. I can’t experience the latter without the former.”

With that said Juno is geared for a great second half of 2022, and we are really looking forward to it.

I have also been contemplating School Holidays too. They are less relevant these days to me personally, but very relevant to many in the Juno family of clients, partners, mentors and proteges. School holidays present opportunities. Perhaps a winter getaway. Quiet time in front of the fire. A good book. The movies on the weekend. The footy (Go Pies). Family time in a park. School holiday programs with the kids. Time and space to just ‘be’. (Could that be a latent craving for a covid Lockdown? I think not, but the change of pace that Lockdowns brought about is definitely something to keep in mind for sure.)

Where this Jotting takes me is to this little gem from Ron Heifeitz:

“If you find what you do each day seems to have no link to any higher purpose, you probably want to rethink what you’re doing.”

I keep this little quote close by to remind me that even if it is just a messy EOFY task, or a cyclical administration activity, or finalising a proposal for a new client that I have to do, it’s connected to a higher purpose. It’s connected to Juno and making a difference through human connection.

Paul Lacey

Paul Lacey – Director

PG’s Muse

What’s your Leadership Shadow?

I am back running Leadership Immersions and Self-Leadership sessions face to face. I am also very much looking forward to my first face to face Strengths in Action Workshop. Virtual works
well, but there’s something irreplaceable about in-room face to face human connection.

You might be asking: What’s that got to do with the Leadership Shadow topic? Stay with me.

Woven through the materials I use whether I am running an Immersion, a Self-Leadership coaching session one-to-one, or a Strengths Workshop for a group of ‘leaders’ a big part of the message is that you can (and do) lead from anywhere. Leadership isn’t about rank or authority or job title. Leadership is about having a positive influence on others and about seeing those around you rise.

So, it’s in that construct that I often drop into a conversation about Leadership Shadow, on this line of logic. If you can lead from anywhere, you can (and do) cast a Leadership Shadow from anywhere. You may not be the CEO or on the senior leadership team of your organisation. You may not even be a leader in any work setting. You may not even see yourself as a Leader, but I am guessing you are a leader, somewhere, sometime, somehow. You may be leading at the community level, in a sports team, or in a family setting. If you are placed to be influencing others, you are leading.

The Leadership Shadow model was created by ‘Pine Street, Goldman Sachs’ leadership development’.. In short the model rests on 4 elements: What I say; How I act; What I prioritise; and What I measure.

From time to time as you go about leading from anywhere, and as you develop and habituate your leadership practices, be aware and mindful of your shadow. What are you saying? How are you acting? What are you prioritising? What are you measuring?

To augment my Muse this month, here’s a couple of neat Leadership Shadow videos.

This one courtesy of Transport NSW:
This one courtesy of Duke Corporate Education:



– Peter Godfrey ‘PG’.
    Associate Director

Curated Content

In curating content for the Juno Journal I know that your time is precious and I know that the information superhighway is awash with content, and just a little hyper-reality. Selective and minimalist is the goal, aiming for stuff that is fresh (or refreshed), provokes a thought, causes you to pause and ponder, is interesting. Occasionally I’ll add something-completely-different too.

Intellectual Giants

‘There is a long list of intellectual giants who profoundly impacted the world with their ideas, thinking, and leadership.’ Here’s a neat piece from Farnam Street. Click for 10 articles in 1.

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Values & Norms

From Inc a piece that might push your thinking along and result in you writing down the ‘norms’
that apply to your team and organisation.

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Doer or Dreamer?

A short Medium item offering 5 signs that you are on the path to doing not just dreaming.

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On a quest for Happiness?

Here’s insight into 6 habits of the happiest 14%.

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Random (or perhaps not so random) ‘Quote’ of the Month

Brad Smith, president and CEO of Intuit, on Leadership Shadows:

“All leaders cast a shadow. The question is whether yours is blocking the sun, or
inspiring others with its silhouette to strive for more,”


Mock Interview Workshop

Our year is in full swing, and we are back ‘face to face’ with many of our clients and partners while still holding the virtual option too. Half the Year done and dusted. Half the Year to come #excited.

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