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Paul’s Jotting


In last month’s Journal I declared my hashtags for the year 2022. #thankful #resilient #excited #grateful and #results.

A month on I am still very much thankful, grateful and excited by the year that is rapidly unfolding before us all. Resilience is core to who I am and the work we do at Juno, but trust me my resilience is tested quite regularly. As for results, they generally look after and speak for themselves as we roll out our core and bespoke leadership development and coaching offerings. The human results though are the most important here and the most profound..

I have been toying with adding a hashtag or two this past couple of weeks also. They haven’t quite landed but here’s my current brainstorm…

#busy – cliched I know and way over used in the modern work environment. But for sure I have been busy. Productively so, but still busy.
#proposals – we have been asked for a stack of proposals by clients as they think through and plan their 2022. A good problem to have in many ways.
#footy – I am an AFL follower and the mighty Collingwood is my team. I wonder will #footy make it past the Editor? But I digress.

I’ll keep thinking through whether I add another # or two to my suite for 2022. I have to tell you though, channelling many conversations I have had since the start of the year, there’s other hashtags swirling around out there for sure. #overwhelmed #notime #avalanche #Ineedit #weneedit

There’s a theme among our clients and partners that ‘we absolutely need you and your Programs now, Paul / Juno. ‘We actually needed them yesterday, Paul given we haven’t invested in our people for two years’. But… ‘our people have no time to actually attend’.

Similarly I am having conversations with leaders, clients and program sponsors about the transition and adjustment that many are experiencing. The daily commute, the traffic, the school run, kids sport, actually having to get dressed (fully) and kitted up for work. The calendar full of meetings, the inbox full of urgent and important. Hmmmm we are most certainly back for 2022.

Back on the treadmill, and not the good treadmill either. The thought of overlaying a development program on top of all of that is manifesting as quite challenging for some.

I don’t have a one size fits all solution to the #treadmill challenge. However I do know that time and space dedicated to self-development and to leadership development has meaningful and sustainable value immediately and over the long term. There’s something in there about relative importance and weighing options I guess. Short-term tradeoff: meetings, emails, and now, for Long-term payoff: thinking, planning, developing, growing, and tomorrow.

Paul Lacey – Director

PG’s Muse

‘Both/And’ Leadership: The Polarity Challenge

Paul’s Jotting this month on the treadmill challenge sets up nicely my Muse here, and the curated content that follows. It’s not the first time that Mr Lacey and I have been thinking about similar things from slightly different perspectives that actually sit very well together.

I have spent decades in organisations witnessing either/or decisions being taken, the consequences of those decisions rolling out, and the inevitable pendulum swing that happens on a cyclical basis. Common examples of either / or: Centralise or Decentralise; Short-term or Long-term; Cost or Quality; Status Quo or Innovation.

There’s a significant body of work on polarity management and polarity leadership, well beyond the scope of my Muse to be justly covered here, pioneered by Barry Johnson.

In short the central idea on polarity management and polarity leadership is to shift thinking and action in organisations from either / or, to both / and. In the both / and paradigm there are multiple perspectives and all can be true, there’s interdependencies and (healthy) tensions.

The overt connection here to Paul’s Jotting for me is this. I have framed it as a question as I am still mulling it myself, and sitting comfortably with that tension.

Is this the polarity that we are seeing organisations and individuals wrestle with right now as 2022 unfolds?

I absolutely want to and need to attend to my leadership development for the medium to long benefit of myself and those that I lead and the organisation that I work in.
I absolutely cannot attend to my leadership development in the short term because of the demands and pressures on me from those that I lead, those that lead me, and the organisation that I work in.

Sound familiar? Either / Or right? Attend the Program or Not. Sponsor the Program or Not. Schedule the Program or Not. Invest in the Program or Not.

What if we, you, me, us moved to Both / And?

I have devoted this month’s curated content to ‘polarity’ thinking, management and leadership. It may help the internal conversations you simply need to have to manage and lead the development agenda AND today’s urgent / important stuff. You’re welcome.


– Peter Godfrey ‘PG’.
    Associate Director

Curated Content

In curating content for the Juno Journal I know that your time is precious and I know that the information superhighway is awash with content, and just a little hyper-reality. Selective and minimalist is the goal, aiming for stuff that is fresh (or refreshed), provokes a thought, causes you to pause and ponder, is interesting. Occasionally I’ll add something-completely-different too.

Three Categories / Three Questions

From the ever reliable HBR in 2016, read here about the three categories related to three questions that many leaders perceive as “either/or” choices:

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Tension doesn’t equal Problem

Push your understanding and thinking about polarities along gently via this piece by Larry Clark.

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The Truth in Opposites

When we allow ourselves to see the truth in opposites, we reveal a world of possibility and beauty. That is polarity management.’

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Both / And in words and pictures

If video is more your speed, 5 minutes here that may alter the way you think and act.

>   Watch it
Random (or perhaps not so random) ‘Quote’ of the Month

Staying on (polarity) theme for this month:

“Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.”

~ Laurence J. Peter

Mock Interview Workshop

Here’s a couple of pics from a recent Mock Interview Workshop.

It was so good to be able to deliver this one face to face.

We are BACK!!!!!!

juno 2
juno 1
Juno Mock Interview Workshop Interviewing March 2022

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