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Adaptive Leaders Program
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Ensuring leaders are equipped with the skills they need
This award winning transformational program provides a vehicle for individuals & organisations to work at both ends of the societal polarity.

Over the 12 weeks participants learn new practises and are provided with the opportunity to apply them immediately through coaching their Protégé (Disadvantaged Community Member)


Objectives of the Program:

Broadly speaking we see a positive impact on staff professional development, especially in leadership skills, confidence, emotional intelligence and more flexible behaviour and communication styles. Furthermore, employees participating as mentors gain the following:

  • Gain confidence and flexibility in their leadership and coaching skills.
  • Display improvements in individual empathy and better conflict resolution skills.
  • Show higher levels of tolerance and be better equipped to deal with barriers
  • Improved willingness to deal with workplace issues and problem employees.
  • Show higher levels of motivation in workplace and increased identification
  • Ability to engage in ‘Difficult Conversations’ in the workplace.

Organisational Benefits:

For the organisation:

  • Increased engagement with staff
  • Creating ‘High Performing Teams’ and an ease of business through relationships formed via mentoring experience
  • Aiding in diversity and creating a more inclusive workforce
  • Developing leaders who are willing and able to deal with changing workplace issues and challenges
  • Build deeper partnerships with Social Partners on ‘real issues’ facing communities
  • Improved reputation through engagement, support and giving back to the community

Program Learnings:

  • Build ability to manage complexity, think creatively & engage with purpose and impact
  • Be challenged to demonstrate leadership in an unfamiliar environment leading to deeper leadership thinking and action in the work environment
  • Practice working adaptively and exercising adaptive leadership
  • Examine personal values around leadership, diversity and decision making, with particular reference to complex systems
  • Shift from a focus on leadership for self (individual) to acting with purpose in the system (systemic)
  • Engage with the broader community through mentoring a highly disadvantaged community member
  • Create meaningful connections and networks with peers to foster greater collaboration and engagement


“When I signed up for the Adaptive Leadership program, I brought with me a mountain of assumptions — how I would “help” my protege (mentee) to find a job, how I would pass on some words of professional wisdom, and how I would learn a thing or two about leadership along the way. But I was wrong. Rather, I coached my protege to think about what a “sustainable future” means to her. I often played a back-seat when developing solutions to problems — my protege did all the heavy lifting. And I learnt new concepts like Spiral Dynamics and the Opportunity Curve. I even wrote a story about my leadership “identity”. From participating in the program, I took away an improved leadership toolkit and strategies that I’m using at work, with my team and even at home! The program has fundamentally changed the way I now live, learn and lead.”

Michelle Walter – Design Operations Lead, Human Centred Design, ANZ Banking Group

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