Leadership Pillar Program

Juno’s (A)authentic Leaders Program

The spotlight on human connection and human centredness at work, and on leaders leading authentically has never shone more brightly.

Self Awareness

Building self-awareness as a Leader and owning your leadership impact

Clarity and Purpose

Forward towards growth and acting with intent

Practical and Applied

Concepts and theory are great, application and practice are essential

Objectives of the Program

To equip anyone starting out as a Leader or early in their Leadership, no matter the size and scale of their team or organisation, or the industry or sector in which they work, with solid bedrock and essential ingredients for leading authentically.


Participant leaders will develop and practice the key leadership skills and behaviours of: building trust; communication; self-awareness; accountability; developing empathy and listening. They will graduate from the Program equipped with a range of usable tools and frameworks for their leadership practice well into the future.

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