Leadership Pillar Program

High Performing Teams Intensive

‘Building Connection & Achieving Results’ – 
Helping in-tact teams achieve greater focus and clarity. Teams with higher levels of alignment and human connection via understanding one another’s usual behaviour, interests and needs. Teams with an Action Plan.

Examine current context

bring the outside in, speak the unspoken

Build a connected Team​

understand self and each other better

Develop a clear Plan

together for tomorrow

Program Approach

Team Connection, Purpose, Clarity and Psychological Safety are key to driving organisational results. No matter your organisation’s current market and trading circumstances ensuring your Teams are connected, clear on their plan, and acting purposefully is crucial.

The Juno Institute is pleased to offer our clients and partners the Birkman High Performing Teams Intensive. Throughout the Intensive participant teams will step off the three pillars of Purpose, Clarity, and Psychological Safety and explore three core aspects of The Birkman Method – Usual Behaviour, Interests, and Needs, at both an individual and team level.
A key outcome of the High Performing Teams Intensive is developing a Team Action Plan

Framework with tools to drive

The High Performing Teams Intensive provides a complete framework with tools to drive awareness and action, and enhance how Teams work together.

Purpose = how this Team helps our organisation and its customers
Clarity = alignment between people, goals and tasks
Psychological Safety = an environment to challenge, test and learn

The Juno Institute’s additions to the Birkman Intensive:  Teams function in a context and so to set-up the Intensive in the right context Teams will spend time on ‘Human Connection at Work’, Organisational level Purpose and Values, and headline market challenges and current trading conditions.
After the Intensive The Juno Institute offers a complimentary Self-Leadership session to the Team’s Leader (confidentially) to help ensure successful implementation of the Action Plan that the Team has developed.

Format of the Intensive

We recommend the Intensive run over two half days (5 hours per session), or over four x 2.5 hour sessions. Both formats allow sufficient time for ideas to generate, concepts to land, and for adequate reflection between sessions.

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