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Preparing individuals for a successful workforce journey
With the knowledge and experience of over 16 years working with disadvantaged communities throughout Australia our training approach is designed specifically to target challenges, barriers and resistance to seeking and securing employment, ensuring our community proteges have all the necessary resources, skills and emotional readiness to move forward into a positive future.

The ‘Passport to Work’ program is designed to be delivered over a period of 3-4-month period. Over this time our expert practitioners will use a coaching approach to stretch the Jobseekers capacity moving them forward with small yet continuous interventions. The purpose of the program is to increase their productivity and emotional resilience so that they are ready to enter the workforce and maintain ongoing employment focussing on the key development areas listed below.
There are several phases to the program however most of our work is conducted on- site at the community partners venue or fully virtual (Online) using a group coaching approach. Individual coaching sessions are scheduled throughout where the practitioner feels it is most beneficial.

Program Benefits:
  • Addressing real barriers to employment, not the ‘presenting problems’ or excuses.
  • Exploring issues such as lack of motivation, low self-esteem and limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to effectively use Internet job search – using scripts, email and registration tools
  • Learn a project management process to follow in documenting and tracking their job search
  • Managing confirmation emails and strategies for rejections
  • Practice a consistent approach to following up (by phone) on every job application
  • Creating telephone scripts for follow-up calls and inquiries
  • Speed up the job application process and focus on productivity
  • Learn how to research industries and companies online and create a target list of employers
  • Take ownership of your resume and learn how to customise resumes for applications
  • Learn a fast approach to creating cover notes instead of lengthy covering letters
  • How to create an effective ‘cold canvassing’ approach to gain employment
  • Tapping into the ‘hidden job market’ via Juno/Mentor networks & channels
  • Design & produce business documents
  • Manage personal stress in the workplace & organising personal work priorities
Program Commitments:

Throughout the program our Practitioners will be exploring and developing skills and strategies in several key areas. Each of these focus areas will be facilitated over the 9 days of foundation training and three days of workshops by an expert practitioner to ensure there is maximum benefit for each participant.
Signature Mock Interview Workshops – designed to help to give our PTW participants the opportunity to gain invaluable interview experience with active HR Specialists and Business Professionals in the field.
One to One Mentoring – Our Juno facilitators resource our mentors with cutting edge frameworks and processes so that everyone has the best chance for success. In this time our mentors operate in high functioning pods, drawing on their collective intelligence, knowledge, and team strategizing to guide, support and challenge our Community Proteges for the 12-week coaching journey.


Questions? We have answers.

I know someone that needs help with looking for work, how can I refer them to your Passport to Work Program?

You can have a conversion with them and if they are willing, they can express their interest via the information on our Contact page  and we’ll get in contact with them to discuss their options.

Is the Passport to Work foundation training a pre-requisite in order to have a Mentor for support?

Yes, all participants who want to work with a mentor must complete the ‘Passport to Work’ program. Over the foundation training phase, we will work closely with the protégés to ensure they are moving in the right direction towards employment, education or other opportunities. The mentoring is well worth it so it’s important that the preparation to equip you for the journey ahead takes place beforehand.

What happens if I get a job while I’m in training or during the Mentoring phase of the program?

That’s a great outcome and in those instances your mentorship commitment is no longer the priority as you have achieved your desired goal. We do encourage your mentors to remain in contact with you particularly over the first weeks of employment to ensure you are managing well, and this is a crucial time when your mentor can be close at hand to support you through the transition.

Is there any cost to me once I get a job?

Absolutely not.

I’m an international student with working rights, can I participate in the Passport to Work Program?

Yes, if you are a resident with working rights, you can participate in our Passport to work programs however in most case you must be referred via one of our partner providers.

How does learning about mindset help with finding work?

In order to move forward in our lives, we have to consider what thoughts and beliefs may be holding us back. At JUNO we recognise that putting ourselves out there and presenting ourselves professionally to employees can be challenging and bring up fears, if we are un-aware these fears can impact our ability to show up.

We teach a range of tools to help participants navigate the challenges and complex array of emotions which are unique to employment

What do you mean by sustainable employment?

We are interested in finding participants the right job, rather than just any job. We recognise that everyone is unique and therefore requires different things from a workplace in order to give them true fulfillment. 

Working one-on-one, over a three-month period we guide participants towards a job that works for them on many levels, one which will help them grow and develop as a person and hopefully turn into a career rather than just a job.  This is our version of ‘sustainable employment’ and working towards a sustainable future of thriving.

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