Leadership Pillar Program

Self Leadership for Results

Helping leaders reflect on where they are, identify and clear interference, set achievable goals, and chart the way forward.


What do you value and believe? What interests and drives you? What’s getting in the way?


Goals, Reality. Options and the Way Forward


Tools, techniques and a framework for future use

Program Outline

Depending on the individual leader’s situation and needs the Self-Leadership Experience may blend coaching and mentoring. The leader will examine their current context, as well as their beliefs, values, drivers and interests. The leader will be challenged to think and critically reflect. With the guiding hand of their Coach the leader will evaluate options, set goals and chart a path forward.

The Juno Institute’s approach to Self-Leadership

Values and Beliefs

We start the Self Leadership Experience with an examination of values and beliefs, in a safe environment, participants will be challenged to reflect using frameworks from some of history’s greatest thinkers.

“The benefits of introspection and reflection on one’s own character and beliefs receive less attention in a typical coaching session than the benefits of behaviour change… Self-reflection on philosophical issues—such as values, character virtues, and wisdom—is relatively neglected. Executive coaching and leadership development programs rarely include much, if anything, about the power of clarifying one’s philosophical world-view. But there is mounting evidence that they should.” (“How Philosophy Makes You a Better Leader” HBR 19 September 2014)

Neuroscience - Inside/Out

Neuroscience supports, that the combination of clear intention with elevated emotion that is heartfelt, moves one to a new state of being. Neuroscience also supports that for insights to be useful they must be generated from within.
Our approach therefore is Self-Leadership from the inside/out: questioning, drawing out, identifying interference, encouraging creativity, suspending judgement, focussing on what is actually happening.

Format of the Series
Our experience suggests the one-to-one Program is at its optimum as a minimum of 6 sessions to a maximum of 12 sessions over a pre-determined and agreed period of time.


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