Leadership Pillar Program

V-Ethics for Leaders

Providing leaders with a practical framework to guide ethical thinking, decision making, and action, now and into the future.

Personal and Universal

Points of view on leading and leadership

What’s best and right

Will help to be defined by ethics


In leadership is never an accident. Choices, effort and execution matter

Objectives of the Program

Providing leaders with a practical framework to guide ethical thinking, decision making, and action, now and into the future.
Leaders face ethical challenges and decisions everyday yet there’s no how-to manual or definitive guideline and there’s definitely no rule book.

There’s no ready-to-go way of dealing with ethical challenges be they small, medium or large. Leaders have to respond to the challenge in context and to the specific circumstances of it. Leaders need to consider principles as well as consequences in their decision making and action.

Evidence for Change

Increasingly there’s a body of evidence that leadership development needs to help leaders self-reflect on values, character and virtues. Ponder this from the Harvard Business Review:

“The goal of most… leadership development is behaviour change—help the individual identify and change the behaviours that are getting in the way of, and reinforce the behaviours associated with, effective leadership. But what about the beliefs and values that drive behaviour?

The benefits of  introspection and reflection on one’s own character and beliefs receive less attention… than the benefits of behaviour change… self-reflection on philosophical issues—such as values, character virtues, and wisdom—is relatively neglected.

Leadership development programs rarely include much, if anything, about the power of clarifying one’s philosophical world-view.  But there is mounting evidence that they should.”

(“How Philosophy Makes You a Better Leader” HBR 19 September 2014)

Our V-Ethics for Leaders workshop focuses on character virtues excesses and deficiencies in a safe environment. The workshop steps off a baseline that says, Leaders are the virtues they
assemble and cultivate, and the choices they make.

Format of the Workshop

The workshop runs as a stand-alone 2 or 3 hour interactive, and is right for leaders at all organisational levels and of all levels of experience.
Our V-Ethics for Leaders Workshop content can also be tailored into, for example, a 60-90 minute Keynote for large scale conferences, positioned as a scene-setter or as something-a-little-different in terms of leadership insight and development.

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