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Our Three Pillars

The Three Pillars

At Juno we live our values day-to-day in our interaction with clients, in running our ‘Profit for Purpose’ organisation and in our private life. We show the same dedication to highly paid executives as we do to highly disadvantaged members of the community. We live our life according to the prescriptions we give to our clients and we acknowledge our limiting beliefs and blind spots – we ‘walk the talk’ daily and believe that adaptation and transformation are an ongoing process – these are our foundational pillars for being!

Pillar #1:
Adaptive & Authentic Leadership

Relevant Programs:

Is there a more important role in an organisation than that of a Leader?  Is there a more important human connection at work than that of Leader and Follower?  Leading well leads to higher levels of trust and engagement, honest relationships and communication, and sustained performance. And workforce trust, engagement, communication, and performance are critical to customer attraction and retention, and organisational results.

Developing leaders with a life-changing appreciation of ‘applied’ adaptive leadership, and helping organisations ‘live’ their Corporate Social Responsibility credentials.
The Juno Adaptive Leaders Program ‘JALP’ is a one-of-a-kind leadership development program. Its uniqueness stems from participants being immersed over 12 weeks in a context vastly different to their version of ‘normal’, i.e. mentoring another human being from a significantly disadvantaged or marginalised background. Running for 16 years the Juno Adaptive Leaders Program ‘JALP’ has over 3,000 graduates

Juno advances organisational cultures towards more society minded values and emotional intelligence. We create programs for leadership development under the umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility and we work with a diverse range of vulnerable clients across our Community Partners.  To be successful in this endeavour we base our work on a set of values that reflects the interplay between success orientation and ethics.

Pillar #2:

Relevant Programs:

Community has always been the heartbeat of Juno. It frames the work that we do and provides a lens for how we see ourselves and the role that we need to play in creating healthier communities.

The concept that business has a role to play in society beyond simply being an economic entity is now well established and is usually described as Corporate Social Responsibility.  Assisting organisations in creating meaningful experiences for their team in this area was one of the founding principles of Juno.

We like to use a combination of custom designed leadership experiences and skills based volunteering to help leaders to gain the perspective and insights that interacting with disadvantaged members of society can bring.

For over 15 years the Award-winning Juno ‘Passport to Work’ program has been providing a way and the light for disadvantaged and marginalised members in our community, in particular the long-term unemployed, to move forward into employment and/or education. With a success rate of 70% the 9-day intensive works on changing mindsets and building practical tools for participants to navigate the Australian work and education environments.

With the knowledge and experience of over 15 years working with disadvantaged communities around Australia our approach is designed specifically to target challenges, barriers and resistance to seeking and securing employment, ensuring our community proteges have all the necessary resources, skills and emotional readiness to move forward into a positive future

Pillar #3:
Organisational & Self-Development

Relevant Programs:

Wherever a leader may be on the leadership spectrum: aspiring, emerging, experienced, flourishing, challenged, or exemplary, time and space for deliberate reflection and critical evaluation is crucial to progress and results. As Socrates said “to move the world we must move ourselves”.

Our Self-Leadership Experience is useful for:
Performance | Potential | Wellbeing | Career Transition | Leadership Development 

The Juno Institute’s Self-Leadership Experience is offered to clients in a one-to-one series. Confidential, exploratory, intensive, and at times a little uncomfortable, the Self-Leadership experience will be safe always, and action-oriented.
We know that the pathway to and through leadership is different for every leader and so our Self-Leadership Experience will tailor to the individual’s situation and needs.

Helping in-tact teams achieve greater focus and clarity. Teams with higher levels of alignment and human connection via understanding one another’s usual behaviour, interests and needs. Teams with an Action Plan.

Team Connection, Purpose, Clarity and Psychological Safety are key to driving organisational results. No matter your organisation’s current market and trading circumstances ensuring your Teams are connected, clear on their plan, and acting purposefully is crucial. 

The Juno Institute is pleased to offer our clients and partners the Birkman High Performing Teams Intensive. Throughout the Intensive participant teams will step off the three pillars of Purpose, Clarity, and Psychological Safety and explore three core aspects of The Birkman Method – Usual Behaviour, Interests, and Needs, at both an individual and team level. 

A key outcome of the High Performing Teams Intensive is developing a Team Action Plan.

At The Juno Institute at the centre of leading well is leading ethically, so we are pleased to be able to offer a workshop for leaders on v-ethics. Our V-Ethics for Leaders brings together knowledge and insights from some of yesterday’s and today’s greatest thinkers, applies them to the leadership context, and presents them to participant Leaders for easy reflection and practical use.

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