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JUNO is a Melbourne based Institute that works at the intersection of Leadership Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

At The JUNO Institute we are passionate about great leadership and great human connection in organisations. Leadership at The JUNO Institute is a way of being, it is about having a lasting positive influence on others. Great leadership leads to great results.

We live our leadership passion through our Community and NGO Partnership programs, transforming the lives of those in sectors of society often forgotten and neglected.

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Social Enterprise

JUNO are a recognised and certified Social Enterprise. Social Enterprises are ‘businesses for good’; existing specifically to solve complex problems – and make the world a better place.

The diversity of our partners and the broad scope of our work is what makes the JUNO offering so unique.

JUNO have been innovators in the learning space for the last two decades – our point of difference is around alignment to purpose and deep engagement around something that matters.

Certification in this space ensures that everyone has confidence in your social enterprise model and in creating social or environmental impact through trade. That’s JUNO through and through.


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Who we work with

Corporate & Government Organisations

JUNO advances organisational cultures towards more society minded values and emotional intelligence. Through our Adaptive, Impactful & HPT suites we create programs for leadership development at all levels.

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Community Engagement & Employment Pathways

Community has always been the heartbeat of JUNO. It frames the work that we do and provides a lens for how we see ourselves and the role that we need to play in creating healthier communities.

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Skill Based Volunteering for Teams

Pull together a team, provide us with a space and we will deliver a 3-4 hour workshop that will teach you new skills, connect you to community and make a tangible difference in the life of someone that hasn’t had the opportunities and possibilities as you.

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Impactful Leaders
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‘Passport to Work’ (Community Revitalisation)

Transformation is the at the centre of all that drives the JUNO organisation. Supporting people move towards a more sustainable future and in the process creating healthier comunities for citizens to thrive.

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