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About The Juno Institute

Juno is a Melbourne based Institute that works at the intersection of Leadership Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

At The Juno Institute we are passionate about great leadership and great human connection in organisations. Leadership at The Juno Institute  is a way of being, it is about having a lasting positive influence on others. Great leadership leads to great results.

We live our leadership passion through our Community and NGO Partnership programs, transforming the lives of those in sectors of society often forgotten and neglected.

We are also set up to work in partnership with Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resources, and other Leadership Teams on Organisational-Leadership and we work intensively and extensively with individuals on Self-Leadership.

We have trained over 2,500 corporate leaders across a range of industries and levels of seniority. As a result, we have accumulated extensive knowledge on leadership and organisational development and how to build the emotional skills and competencies that underpin great leadership. We believe the key to innovation is to foster a workplace culture in which adaptive and authentic leadership is encouraged.

Strengthening innovation capabilities and performance in Australia is, first and foremost about engaging and capturing the hearts and minds of people in the workplace and developing a social value system in which ‘adaptive and authentic leadership’ is an ingrained part of people’s ways of thinking and doing.

“The Team at the Juno Institute is passionate about leaders and leadership, and about building long-term sustainable relationships and partnerships. Welcome to our site and welcome to Juno.  Myself and the JI Team look forward to working with you to build human connection and make a difference.”   

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Paul Lacey, Director

Juno’s (A)authentic Leaders Program for emerging leaders is launching in 2022

Be one of the first organisations to book a program, it’s a perfect accelerator for your team to launch into the new year!
Upcoming Programs
Tuesday 26th April & Wednesday 27th April, 2022
JUNO Adaptive Leaders Program – Melbourne

Hosted by AFCA


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Monday 23rd May & Wednesday 25th May, 2022
JUNO Adaptive Leaders Program – Digital Delivery
Hosted by Nufarm Status – PLACES AVAILABLE
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Wednesday 15th June & Friday 17th June, 2022
JUNO Adaptive Leaders Program – Melbourne
Hosted by ANZ (Multi-Organisational Offering) Status – PLACES AVAILABLE
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About The Juno Institute

Juno have been innovators in the learning space for over 16 years - our point of difference is around building leadership capacity utilising engagement with Community as the platform for development.

Our award winning leadership development process, which pairs leaders or emerging leaders with  disadvantaged community members, who are clearly in need of advice and coaching, creates a powerful motivation for mentors to overcome their own barriers and start experimenting with new skills and behaviours.

Our immersive approach takes leaders ‘below the line’ into an exploration of how they construct their inner ‘map’ of leadership and role taking and helps them form new ways of being a leader.  Participants are able to focus on increasing capacity, identifying blind spots and working towards operating as a high performing system.

About The Juno Institute

Juno Adaptive Leadership program - the Development Victoria journey

About The Juno Institute

How the Juno mentoring program helped KPMG’s leadership team become better leaders.

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