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The Directors Message

Beware the Stereotype

“The multi-stage life is much more personalised and flexible, and it has a number of career breaks and lots of transition points.”

I pulled that quote out of a recent article written on ‘age-diverse talent’.

In an age (no pun intended) and time where we are surrounded and consumed by ‘isms’ the age one doesn’t tend to get much air time. But ageism is definitely ‘a thing’. Ageism might be the final frontier for the ‘isms’ movement.

However ‘isms’ isn’t the focus of my ‘Message’ this month.

The terms ‘age diverse talent’ and ‘multi-stage life’ captured my attention. At JUNO we don’t necessarily have a typical demographic that we work with. We tend to get involved with a broad spectrum across age, cultural background, gender, and definitely ‘occupation and education’ opportunity backgrounds.

And we certainly work with many people that have been through lots of transition points in their lives. Some transitions that many of us would not wish to have to face.

Here’s the major point though – we’ve been doing what we do for 21 years with an incredibly diverse population, and there’s no stereotype.

Another lift from that same article is rather useful in helping to understand ‘stereotypes’.

“Stereotypes are cognitive heuristics – shortcuts – that come from socially shared expectations about people from different groups”.

So, as you carry on with your own multi-stage life, be aware of the multistage lives of others, maybe take a moment or ten to understand their current transition point, and exercise caution as you approach that shortcut to stereotype.

Reads and Listens of the Month

At JUNO we read plenty and we listen to lots connected to Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching and more. We have too, to stay current.

Each month we’ll include a link (or two or three) to an article or podcast that is topical and timely for you to read or listen to and reflect on. Curating and sharing is just our humble way of contributing to the pursuit of excellence in all things leading and leadership.

For this month:

A great article that might help you reach respectful disagreement. We think the world needs more healthy and respectful disagreement right now!


In need of an ice-breaker for your next meeting or workshop? Hold the ‘cringe-cheese-ick’ please. There’s a few good ones in this piece.


With workshops and offsites returning to the fold here’s a solid article on framing and shaping them for maximum effect


From HBR Ideacast – What The Best Leaders know and What Skills They Develop – settle in for an easy 28-minute listen…. ‘What’s your elevator pitch as a leader?’ ‘Are you trapped in a logic box?’ ‘Know your triggers.’ ‘Provide context.’ ‘Be clear on why you want to do it.’


‘The Voice’ of JUNO Program Participants:

Making a Difference through Human Connection

At JUNO we choose NOT to ‘market’ who we are and what we do. 21 years on and strong our Programs and our legacy speak for themselves.  What better way to spread the good word and work of JUNO than let Program participants speak for us…

This month, here’s an unedited update from a Passport to Work participant just under 12 months post-program:

“Last year I was struggling in finding a job, even a job at a supermarket or in a retail store. I kept applying for jobs and going to the supermarkets / stores to give my CV, some interviews but I didn’t get a job so I felt so desperate. However last July Passport to Work save me which helped me to build my confidence in an interview, and paired me with a mentor. My mentor is so patient and give me so many advice. Last September I landed a casual sales job and then I moved to a full time sales consultant role. Thanks so much to my mentor, and the Passport to Work program by JUNO.”

Casey Ye

It’s all of the ‘Casey’s’ out there that keep us going, that drive our purpose, that keep us focussed on the things that matter.

Tiny Thought, with thanks to Farnham Street

‘Don’t let where you are become a ceiling on where you can go.’

‘The difference between failure and success is often just staying with a problem a little longer.

One more rep.

One more step.

One more minute.

One more revision.

One more attempt.

The difference between average and outstanding is often just one more.’

Loving Learning

Hey, did you read that article I sent you a couple of weeks ago?

Yes, yes yes I did. I loved it, thank you. I took a few things away from it that I have already been using. I forwarded it onto a few other people too. And… I filed it away for future reference. I think it will be a good one to come back to now and again in the future.

That’s great, I am so glad you loved it and took something away from it that’s been useful. I shared it with a few other people also. I always find it interesting when I share articles like that, that some are just completely uninterested, while others come back with a bit of a ‘know-it-all’ response. You know how it goes, right?

Indeed I do. And I hear you loud and clear. We all learn differently I guess. Personally I love to learn. It’s a bit of a life-long thing for me.

Nice one! Adding to your skills and knowledge constantly I suppose?

Most definitely. I take a systematic approach to learning new things. Maybe that’s a coffee-conversation soon?

Let’s lock that in, I’m keen to learn more about your approach.

You’ve just read a piece of micro-fiction. Yes, as real as it may have felt for you, it’s fiction. Fiction connected to the real world of Character Strengths and their optimal use in everyday situations. Keen to know more about the work we do on Strengths at JUNO? Let’s chat.

JUNO Graduations, Mock Interview Workshops & Client Celebrations for the month

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