Introducing the JUNO Institute Team

JUNO have been innovators in the learning space for the last two decades.

Our point of difference is around alignment to purpose and deep engagement around something that matters.

Paul Lacey – Managing Director

The driving force of Juno Institute, Paul, with an extensive experience base in training, people management, and business development, joined Juno in 2007 as Business Relationship Manager. He has since worked in and on every aspect of the business shaping it into its current form.

Passionate about people, leadership, sustainability, social responsibility and making a genuine difference Paul has extensive knowledge of and experience in understanding and navigating the complexities of Corporate, Government and Community.

As the Director and CEO of JUNO Institute Paul is focussed on creating long-term sustainable partnerships, and ensuring Juno’s programs are experiential and immersive, and that its offerings are grounded in a societal context.

An infectious style, a leader by example, Paul is proof positive that one person can in fact change the world, to which many many less fortunate in the community would readily attest.

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Timothy Roberts – Director: Program Delivery

Tim has a dynamic and energising style, passionately designing, and delivering a broad suite of offerings across the diverse Juno portfolio.

Over the past 7 years Tim has been mastering his craft in the corporate and community space. Stretching our clients both personally and professionally to overcome some of their leadership challenges and deepen their learnings. As well as delivering Juno’s flagship Adaptive Leaders program, Tim leads the facilitation team in designing and delivering more bespoke client offerings across a variety of Australian Business Sectors.

Tim brings with him a wealth of knowledge gained from working across a wide range of demographics and management roles including operating his own successful business for over 7 years. His professional history is evident in the strong relationships that he has established with his clients over the years here in Australia.

Using a strength-based approach and an authentic style, Tim brings his full self to every interaction, working to understand client needs and deliver targeted solutions.

Tim has taken his passion for building high performance teams to a new level, facilitating change and leadership programs for a variety of audiences.

Tim is an adaptable facilitator and coach that demonstrates a calm and confident approach with participant cohorts at all levels.

Tim is a certified Allied Health Professional and holds a Master Practitioner qualification in NLP.

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Peter Godfrey – Associate

Leadership and Management Thinker, Writer and Coach, Peter Godfrey ‘PG’ has been connected to JUNO for over 15 years. 

As a leader and senior executive in national and international businesses trust , empathy, and human connection were in fashion for PG long before they were fashionable. His consistent 90% team engagement scores are testament to how dearly he holds to the view that leadership is a privilege.

Having partnered, advised and coached at all organisational levels PG understands the operating environment of JUNO’s Corporate Partners and Clients. He is well versed in the contemporary challenges and opportunities that face leaders and managers at work every day.

‘PG’ is a Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute, an accredited Coach, Member of the International Coach Federation and Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. He is also a Certified Birkman Method Practitioner and has advanced his Strengths-In-Action Coaching work using the VIA Character Strengths framework tools and content.

A side-note: PG is also a championship and award-winning elite level basketball coach, providing another rich vein of experiences to draw on. As an Associate at Juno PG is available to work on specific Leadership Development Projects and Coaching Assignments.

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Marion Osmond – Associate: L’ship/Coaching

Marion is a professional leadership facilitator, trainer and coach, known for her insightful and direct approach.

She has spent several years designing and delivering impactful leadership programs, including Juno’s signature “Adaptive Leaders (Business Community Mentoring)” program, to a range of corporate clients, including NAB, ANZ, ME Bank, Superpartners, OAMPS, Bristol-Myers Squibb, WorkSafe Victoria & RACV.

Specialising in adaptive leadership, behaviour change and team performance, Marion works collaboratively with clients to uncover core issues and move them towards behavioural flexibility and thinking. Through her work, she has assisted clients to see new perspectives and create innovative leadership solutions.

Marion’s focus is on challenging deep-seated assumptions. When necessary, she uses a range of concepts, including Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team, DISC, System Dynamics, Immunity to Change, Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

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Stephanie Fevrier – Senior Facilitator: Community

Stephanie is an energetic and outcome focused facilitator with a background in mind set coaching, disenfranchised community engagement, vocational training and employment services case management.

Steph has a real passion for moving individual’s forward and her enthusiasm to see her participants achieve their goals is truly remarkable.
With an earnest desire for learning and commitment to self-development Stephanie has refined her approach to partnering with Juno’s community clients, centering around the pillars of continuous growth and achievement through facing into challenge. Being able to utilise her stakeholder management and years of experience within the sector has had a positive influence with engaging our most disadvantaged community clients.

Stephanie has decades of experience in group facilitation and shares a genuine desire to transforms the lives of others. Being a certified NLP practitioner, Holistic Therapy coach and TAE Facilitator, she has the skill set for creating positive change in group workshops and enabling others to create systemic changes in their life’s and future
Stephanie is currently Juno’s Lead Facilitator and Coach with our community stakeholders and has been successfully preparing our jobseeker clients to engage with the Australian employment market and business sector since 2002
Stephanie has delivered training to, and coached teams and individuals from a diverse range of corporate and community clients including; KPMG, BUPA, NAB, ANZ, Hume City Council.

She has developed and delivered employment pathways programs for; Direct Recruitment, Max Employment, Sarina Russo Job Access, The Salvation Army Employment Plus, Wise Employment, AMES Australia, IMVC & Whitelion.

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Kha Nguyen – Programs Coordinator

Kha is Juno’s Program Coordinator, working closely with our community partners and jobseeker participants. Kha’s primary focus is in enabling the long-term unemployed, through coaching and mentoring, to a pathway back into employment.

Kha has a passion for helping others reach their full potential and has been working for many years in the community and Vocational Educational sectors. Targeting some of Melbourne’s lowest socio-economic communities Kha has been able to have the highest impact. To our community participants Kha’s passion and personal story has been an inspiration and his believe in their capabilities has led to Kha having some amazing results.

Providing reverse marketing support and building relationships with employers Kha can broker opportunities for our Jobseekers as they enter the workforce for the first time or re-enter the workforce after a sustained period of unemployment.

Kha’s core skill set is developing relationships and having a true understanding of his clients. He has a strong commitment to seeing people move forward and has great ability to coach and make mindset changes with individuals who have come from highly disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds.

Kha is currently undertaking a qualification to become a certified Allied Health practitioner.

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Erica Bowe – Facilitator: Community

Erica is a Program Facilitator who is passionate about people, building community and empowering individuals to achieve greater wellness.

For the last 5 years Erica has been working as an art tutor with disadvantaged groups, using creativity as a medium to increase connection and promote self-expression. Having studied four years of health and nutrition, Erica draws from a wide range of tools and insights to empower individuals and assist them in moving towards realistic, long-lasting lifestyle changes. Her intuitive, caring yet assertive manner helps people feel understood, seen and motivated. Erica has always been fascinated by human psychology and is dedicated to continuous self-development and personal growth.

Being part of Juno’s Community Team, Erica plays the important role of often being the first point of contact for many of our long term unemployed and disadvantaged community members. This really brings her expertise, skills and passion for human psychology and self-improvement into the forefront to make a difference in people’s lives and help them find the wisdom to move forward into a better future.

When Erica is not leading programs you can find her passionately working with the rest of the community team often mentoring and coaching our job seekers into making positive and more sustainable choices or brainstorming ways to positively connect with our clients and design deep human connected content. She does this with a joy and excitement rarely seen in the development space.

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