Business for good.

Making a difference through human connection

‘Business-for-good’ has a certain ring to it – don’t you think?

From October 2023 we are pleased to announce that JUNO are now a recognised and certified Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprises are ‘businesses for good’; existing specifically to solve complex problems – and make the world a better place.

When we became aware of the Social Enterprise / Social Trader movement I felt given our purpose and reason for being at JUNO, along with the work we do in the corporate, government, and community sectors, exploring certification was a must.

Certification ensures everyone has confidence that your social enterprise model really is about creating social or environmental impact through trade.’ That’s JUNO through and through.

In addition to supporting Social Enterprise activities overall (which is certainly worthwhile) our existing and new clients will also gain the benefit of any spend on JUNO services going towards meeting quotas through the Victorian Social Procurement Framework.

In addition to the award-winning leadership development experiences that JUNO have delivered for more than two decades we also can help organisations in navigating how to manage diverse workforces. We can also support organisational recruitment needs through identifying potential candidates from across our programs for employment consideration. This is particularly important as we continue to see unemployment rates decreasing and the pool of skilled and unskilled talent constraining.

Rather than explain the whole Social Traders piece here I thought I’d include the link for you to explore, so that you can learn more about the ‘movement’ yourself:

‘Business for Good’ – We are definitely off to the social-trader-certified future.

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