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Is there a more important role in an organisation than that of a Leader?

Leading well leads to higher levels of trust and engagement, honest relationships and communication, and sustained performance.

About our work with Corporate & Government Organisations

Developing leaders with a life-changing appreciation of ‘applied’ adaptive leadership and helping organisations ‘live’ their Corporate Social Responsibility credentials.

JUNO advances organisational cultures towards more society minded values and emotional intelligence. Through our Adaptive, Impactful & HPT suites we create programs for leadership development at all levels.

Our programs are immersive and often experienced through the lens of Community. To be successful in this endeavour we base our work on a set of values that reflects the interplay between success orientation and ethics.

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Why is this good for your organisation?

At JUNO we seek to develop people who can see beyond their ‘four walls’ to the more adaptive challenges and opportunities that exist in the world.

We know that in an increasingly complex world there are no longer any boundaries between organisations, communities, markets and the environment.

Our workshops are live learning spaces and support experiences that quickly apply into the work context. The program adopts a learning process that both challenges and empowers individuals to work with greater purpose, passion, flexibility and risk.

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Our programs are supporting organisational change…

Our programs are supporting organisational change through developing groups of individuals to work with purpose, to take responsibility beyond their formal authority, and to provide them with the skills, capacity and resiliency to operate and thrive in challenging and uncertain environments.

Our experiences are immersive, people are invited to come into the program as learners, not experts, and to be open to having their values questioned and challenged. In an environment of stark contrast with the structures and demands that pervade most of our everyday working lives, the program provides participants with a good opportunity to remove the masks and be open, generous, adventurous and vulnerable.

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Questions? We have answers.

What about more common staff training like ‘conflict resolution’ or ‘building effective teams’ etc, can you provide training in these areas?

Yes, on our website we advertise our flagship programs but also offer more specific training around the more common organisational training needs. We are big on ‘immersive experiences’ but can design content around the outcomes that you seek.

I like what I’m reading but it doesn’t quite fit my/our needs, can you design something that’s more bespoke?

Yes, building bespoke programs for our clients and partners is a specialty of ours and we are always happy to work with you to design an offering that best suits your needs. We have decades of experience and always enjoy a challenge!

What results can be expected from participating in the JUNO Adaptive Leaders program?

From a leadership perspective, our intention is not to be prescriptive about the journey but rather that all participants gain at least the following outcomes:

  • Expand on your existing leadership toolkit
  • Develop insight needed to positively influence others
  • Build deep emotional resilience when dealing with challenges
  • Experience the impact of group collaboration to affect systemic change

Keeping in mind there are Community outcomes too so your Community protégés will also gain how to;

  • Understand how to navigate the Australian Job Market
  • Understand their own unhelpful mindsets and behaviours
  • Be connected to a group of high performing professionals to guide and support them to build a sustainable future
  • Be connected to a personal mentor who is dedicated to them and their personal growth
It sounds like a big responsibility helping to support and guide a disadvantaged community member person into work. How experienced do I need to be?

Yes, there are a couple of foundation aspects to enabling sustainable change in someone’s behaviours which are intrinsically built into the Adaptive Leaders Model. Through your professional influence both personally and environmentally your protégé will discover new ways of positively altering their behaviours and beliefs. You will be guided by the program facilitators on how to impart this influence in the most empathic and impactful way possible. There will be skills that you already have and that you didn’t know existed that will be of huge benefit to your Community Protégé.

Do you deliver one-to-one mentoring or do I need to join with a group?

JUNO are specialists in the coaching and mentoring landscape with over 20 years’ experience in program delivery. Some experiences, such as the Adaptive Leaders program (link to the flyer) cater for individuals to join our collaborative (multi-organisational) programs where participants gain valuable cross-organisational learning along with the ability to network with 15-20 others learners from across industry. You may also be interested in taking up an Individual coaching package with one of our expert coaches (link to flyer). Either way we have a solution for all of your individual development needs.

How will the JUNO experience help me grow as a leader?

Alongside your journey with you Community Protégé, the JUNO team will be introducing you to our world class leadership principals, philosophies, and resources. Our aim however is not to be prescriptive about your learnings, rather give you the best tools to fit your purpose and discover and upgrade your own unique leadership style.

What level of leader is this for?

Leaders of all levels can get caught in the trap of the ‘likeminded’ bubble, only working with and leading those that share the same or similar life experience and views. Our Adaptive Leaders program helps leaders of all levels step outside this bubble and learn the art of influence across a broad spectrum of people. We offer our Adaptive Leaders to leaders of all levels because of this.