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Equipping Front Line Leaders
It can’t be understated that the move from Subject Matter Expert to People Leadership brings with it many complex challenges.

Unlike the often technical and very procedural driven journey towards expert, leading others comes with no guide, no handbook, no roadmap to mastery in the space, and the ‘just figure it out’ mentality can have long lasting negative impact on both the business performance and its people.

Leadership in Employment Services can take this challenge to new highs as the complexities of the employment services system and its clients are a constantly moving platform. Without the knowledge and knowhow to foster a motivated, robust and resilient team each site, region and states continues to suffer from burnout and high turnover.

The core to great leadership is truly understanding and inspiring your team to achieve high levels of performance and results, not through expectation but inspiration. JUNO Institute’s unique vantage point of being both seasoned leadership experts across the corporate and business sectors along with being a valued Employment Service Provider. Our specialist depth of understanding, knowledge and expertise in upskilling Workforce Australia Providers Management and Leadership teams is helping providers move on from the typical high turnover and low ratings and commence this new contract with optimism and confidence.

What you can expect:
  • Enhanced alignment to business values & objectives resulting in improved individual & departmental engagement & meaningful productivity
  • Increased ability to prioritise high impact projects/activities resulting in improved individual & departmental performance
  • Ability to drive productive meetings that ensure high impact action.
  • Improved self-awareness, emotional intelligence, active-listening skills & decision making muscles.
  • Fluent in best practice coaching strategies & frameworks
  • Ability to navigate courageous and conflict resolution conversations, including offering feedback in an authentic and transparent fashion.
  • Ability to discover and explore core values, drivers and motivators of individuals & teams, and robustly ascertain individual & group conditions for successful goal achievement.
Learning Narrative
Emotional Intelligence
  • Define emotional intelligence and its role in the workplace
  • Use self-reflection and feedback to develop & expand awareness of emotions, in self and others
  • Use active listening & coaching questions to regulate the emotions of self and others
  • Use emotional intelligence techniques to drive improved collaboration and advanced decision- making including rapid movement from a fixed to a growth mindset.
  • Define persuasion, influence, negotiation, manipulation and conflict resolution
  • Use robust practical frameworks to prepare & navigate negotiation, influential and conflict resolution conversations
  • Understand & practice how to adjust personal behaviour to promote rapport, understanding and win-win outcomes.
  • Utilise empathetic language to appropriately acknowledge and address challenging emotions & behaviours
  • Recognise, address, and manage common unethical strategies employed during negotiation and conflict resolution conversations
  • Discover and explore the core values, drivers, and motivators of stakeholders
  • Ascertain individual and group conditions for successful goal achievement.
Performance & Engagement
  • Translate organisational values & strategy into day-to-day actionable items, including utilising a SMART strategy for high impact outcomes: This involves formulating a self-directed 90-day plan targeted at activities/projects that will have a significant impact on the engagement and performance of oneself, one’s team and the business
  • Utilise a coaching narrative to conduct successful & productive performance management, performance review, team & individual meetings, including offering feedback in an authentic and transparent fashion.
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