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Engage with Insight Program
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Preparing the Workforce
As we move away from Job Active and into the new contract, inducting our Work Brokers/ Employment Coaches to be more client centric has never been more important.

Engage with Insight has been designed to improve and enhance the impact that Employment Coaches have in their roles. Upgrading their knowledge, understanding, and capability to successfully help their jobseekers to navigate the complexities of the Australian job market, as well as manage, inspire and motivate jobseekers to be engaged in seeking and securing work.

It is well known in the Employment Services sector that our front-line staff have had a high proportion of their skills development focused on compliance training and understanding the requirements of the Job Active contract. This has left our Work Brokers/Employment Coaches with minimal ability to skilfully promote employment with clients who find themselves under duress and with many complex barriers.

Often the staff find themselves having minimal education, understanding and know-how to positively engage with, and manage the various complexities of their disadvantaged clients, commonly having very little knowledge of the Australian job market's very high expectations and the standards of potential employers.

Engage with Insight helps to bridge that gap in knowledge and expertise by diving deeply into what our Work Brokers/Employment Coaches can do to really help jobseekers understand and engage in each stage of the job search process, and present frameworks to inspire and motivate jobseekers to move out of their limiting, unhelpful and negative mindsets and take back ownership of their job searching process.

What you can expect:
Understanding and Engaging with the Market:
  • Deep-dive into the Australian job market and understanding the various nuances of each stage of the job searching timeline
  • Define the major barriers to entry for job seekers and learn how to successfully navigate these barriers and increase your job seekers chances of being noticed
  • Discover how to expand your job seekers scope of opportunity to increase their chances of employment opportunities without them seeing this as a negative
  • Learn the art of resume writing and all the things no-one tells you about what employers are actually looking for
Learning to Connect and Coach your Jobseeker:
  • Understand some of the psychology behind job seekers blockers and barriers and why more often than not our job seekers react negatively to the Job Active system
  • Learn a framework to help coach your job seeker out of dysfunctional mindsets and unhelpful beliefs
  • Develop the fundamental skills needed to work with complex clients and connect with them in a more productive and positive way
  • Take a meta view over someone’s challenges and the positive mindset they will need to adopt if they are to make long lasting change
Understand People’s Values and Fostering Healthy Conflict:
  • Understand the values behind people's behaviours so you can take a more informed approach to managing their next steps
  • Learn to reframe someone's negative/dysfunctional outlook so their actions and more positive and productive
  • Understand the psychology behind conflict so you are better equipped to respond to it
  • Develop conflict resolving strategies to not only reduce conflict but also build rapport

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