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JUNO Journal: February 2024

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Coaching in the Chaos – Everyday

The new year is well and truly upon us. 2024 is looking like another big year for sure – one might say it’s looking a tad chaotic – already!

Chaos or not – happy New Year from JUNO to you.

Our clients and partners are off to very similar starts to 2024 – ‘busy’, ‘hectic, and ‘chaos’ are recurring themes in many of our conversations.

In 2024 at JUNO we will be shifting gears a little, continuing to meet the market where it is by offering Programs and Solutions that connect to the challenges and issues that our clients and partners face – today.

I thought I’d seize the opportunity that the first JUNO News for the year presents to mention one of the new Programs that we have on offer for 2024.

Everyday Coaching For Managers

Everyday Coaching For Managers is a 6 to 12 part modular and experiential Program pitched at first-line managers and first-time leaders. The aim of the Program is to equip Managers with Coaching skills that they can apply in their roles and with their teams – everyday.

“Managers and professionals are busy people. If coaching strikes them as simply the latest fad being pushed by HR, they will roll their eyes and comply with the requirements as minimally as possible. If you want them to embrace coaching as not just a personal skill but also a source of cultural strength, you’ll have to make clear why it’s valuable for the business and their own success.” (HBR)

Chief People Officers, Chief HR Officers, and their Learning and Development teams, are telling us that applied coaching skills for managers and leaders are among their top priorities. They are saying that there’s a direct connection between coaching and their business challenges and issues. The research and literature supports the anecdotal evidence too.

‘The topic of workplace coaching gets a lot of attention. It’s a key component of leadership development programs and in the minds of many business leaders who consistently, when discussing their business drivers and leadership success profiles, tell us they need leaders who can coach and develop others.’ (DDI)

Coaching has always been one of JUNO’s strongest areas of expertise. Coaching Frameworks underpin our flagship Passport to Work and Adaptive Leadership Programs now. We’ve melded our years of experience in workplace coaching with existing frameworks and current practice, to produce and present a compelling everyday coaching skills program.

If the HBR quote in italics grabbed your attention here’s a link to the full 2019 article. It was a great read back then and it still is today: https://hbr.org/2019/11/the-leader-as-coach

Before I close out the first of our new look and feel ‘News’ for 2024, carrying over a crowd favourite from previous years, here’s…

Tiny Thought, with thanks to Farnham Street

‘Your failures serve as a beautiful reminder that you were in the arena trying.’

‘Intelligent people know how to get what they want. Wise people know what’s worth wanting.’

JUNO Graduations, Mock Interview Workshops & Client Celebrations for the month

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Until march, Paul

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