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Habits and Futures

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

One of the challenges often faced here at JUNO is the dreaded budget challenge.

That quote is attributed to F.M. Alexander. He was an Australian actor and author who developed the Alexander Technique, an educational process that recognizes and overcomes reactive, habitual limitations in movement and thinking.

At JUNO our work and Programs revolve around helping people change their limiting beliefs and break habits that have inhibited their past. We then help them to establish new beliefs and set in train new habits, as they head to the future.

It’s rather easy to think about the future and then paint the image of it. It’s rather more difficult to ‘do the work’ required to achieve what’s been thought about and painted. 

There’s neuroscience and psychology sitting behind breaking and making habits of course. 

To break habits requires a shift. The neuroscience suggests that our human brain hardwires everything that we repeatedly do. That’s how habits are formed. So, the stories we tell ourselves over and over become default paths. 

To make habits there’s the often referenced 21/90 ‘rule’. 21/90 suggests it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days for it to become part of our lifestyle.

What lies ahead for you in the future? What are your daily, weekly, yearly habits? That’s where you’ll find your answer. 

Here’s a link to a little more reading on the neuroscience of habits if you are interested https://shorturl.at/kxGP6

At JUNO we’d love to help you and your organisation develop the habits that will decide your future. 

Reads and Listens of the Month

At JUNO we read plenty and we listen to lots connected to Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching and more. We have too, to stay current.

Each month we’ll include a link (or two or three) to an article or podcast that is topical and timely for you to read or listen to and reflect on. Curating and sharing is just our humble way of contributing to the pursuit of excellence in all things leading and leadership.

For this month:

Squirrel chasing and other meeting derailers. Read all about them in this gem from HBR:


Finding balance is an eternal quest. A thought-starter or better described as a thought-reminder on work life balance from Inc:


The rarity that is ‘mental liquidity’. Let your mind wander here with ‘collab’:


‘The Voice’ of JUNO Program Participants:

Making a Difference through Human Connection

At JUNO we choose NOT to ‘market’ who we are and what we do. 21 years on and strong our Programs and our legacy speak for themselves.  What better way to spread the good word and work of JUNO than let Program participants speak for us…

‘In providing some context I wanted to point out that I have been in a range of management positions in both the Retail and Disability sectors for 26 years, during this time I have had the opportunity to complete an abundance of training that has assisted me to motivate and mentor my teams. 

When selected to be a part of the JUNO Adaptive Leaders program, partnering with Hume City Council I was not sure how much I would learn given the previous training I had completed and even written for organisations I have worked for.

‘Day One’ of foundation training I was captured by what I had learnt not just about others and human behaviour, but also about my own behaviour and assumptions. This reflects not only the content, but the delivery from the trainers. I have been fortunate to be able to work with my peers in the program for better outcomes for the Community Proteges in my pod, but I have also been able to apply the strategies I have learnt about my own behaviour and support and mentor my own team at DPV Health. 

I sincerely feel that I am better equipped with knowledge learnt from this program to not only be a better Manager but be a better person that reflects on all relationships in my life.

I can see the JUNO methods and understanding of people being so relevant to all scenarios working with people and especially people facing challenges or needed that extra support to get over a challenge for the next step in life.

I have not missed a single session delivered by JUNO as I have learnt more in 8 weeks than I have in 26 years of training, training that has been delivered to high-end executives. I cannot thank the JUNO program enough for the opportunity to learn and better myself and the people around me.’

Kacie Graham, Program Manager – Disability – DPV Health

Tiny Thought, with thanks to Farnham Street

Everyone is a perfectionist when they care enough.

If you’re not obsessed with it, you’ll never master it.

The reason you won’t master it is because you won’t care enough to be a perfectionist.

What’s the ‘thing’? Staying curious

It’s you, you’re the one. Always interested in new and fresh things. Whether it be an idea or an opportunity, ‘let’s go’ is your usual response.

You find the balance between; appearing nosy or intrusive if the thing interests you, and seeming bored or apathetic if the ‘thing’ is a bit of a yawn.

So you’re the one that they test ‘things’ on. 

Here you are in another meeting listening to another presentation on the latest ‘thing’.

You’re open, you’ve come to explore. The meeting request piqued your novelty-seeking fibres.

The presentation is 20 minutes in. Do you yawn or applaud? Do you leave or stay?

What’s the ‘thing’?

You’ve just read a piece of micro-fiction. Yes, as real as it may have felt for you, it’s fiction. Fiction connected to the real world of Character Strengths and their optimal use in everyday situations. Keen to know more about the work we do on Strengths at JUNO? Let’s chat.

JUNO Graduations, Mock Interview Workshops & Client Celebrations for the month

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