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Including Inclusion”

There’s a particular topic that is rarely far from the top of our minds at JUNO as we continuously improve our Programs – in particular the 12-week Adaptive Leaders Program.

That topic is – Inclusion.

Inclusion: welcoming, understanding, embracing, and leveraging diversity and difference. Diversity of mindset and thought, as well as the more well known and classically spoken about areas of diversity – gender, race, culture, creed and so on. There’s diversity and difference in working arrangements and settings too these days.

The other area of diversity and difference that we at JUNO are very alive to is that of opportunity and circumstance – those words are code for – disadvantage.

The JUNO niche is working with many in society that have ‘fallen through the cracks’ in some way. Those that haven’t had opportunities. Those that find themselves in the most testing and trying of circumstances.

Leading in modern times is challenging on so many levels. Leading ‘inclusively’ adds another dimension to the challenge.

There’s an art and science to it all. I think it was that seminal Harvard piece from ‘back in the day’ that said something like – ‘leadership is an improvisational art’. Indeed it is.

Inclusive leadership goes beyond traditional leadership strategies by recognising, valuing and leveraging difference. Integrating best practice into an organisation requires the identification of pathways to inclusion, and the removal of barriers.

Micro-acts, and micro-components that accompany the big plans and the overarching strategy are essential.

2024 is all but guaranteed to see requirements and expectations of more diversity and inclusion not less. There’s some big questions in this space that never go away.

Buoyed by our recent Certification as a Social Trader, we’ll be continuing to do ‘Business For Good’ at JUNO in 2024 and beyond. If you are in need of assistance to help your Leaders at all levels acclimate to the current Inclusion landscape, we are but a phone call or an email away.

And we’d love to partner with you – inclusively.

Reads and Listens of the Month

At JUNO we read plenty and we listen to lots connected to Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching and more. We have too, to stay current.

Each month we’ll include a link (or two or three) to an article or podcast that is topical and timely for you to read or listen to and reflect on. Curating and sharing is just our humble way of contributing to the pursuit of excellence in all things leading and leadership.

For this month:

Are you surrounding yourself with colleagues that boost your performance? Read more on the thinking and its practical application in a very recent HBR article:


If you are anything like us at JUNO you are still wrapping your mind around this whole AI phenomena. A little light reading and thought provocation from Bill Gates via Inc:


Can we give you some Feedback? Thanks, here are a couple of pieces on Feedback.
The first is a light read and a few tips on ‘how to’:
Spoiler Alert –
● Start by caring
● Ask if someone wants feedback
● State your intention
● Master the format: Use the Situation-Behavior-Impact framework
● Prepare for the conversation
● Ask how the other person feels


The second is an interesting read on Feedback, Feedforward, and Guidance. There’s no Spoiler Alert here though – click to read the whole piece


‘The Voice’ of JUNO Program Participants:

Making a Difference through Human Connection

At JUNO we choose NOT to ‘market’ who we are and what we do. 21 years on and strong our Programs and our legacy speak for themselves.  What better way to spread the good word and work of JUNO than let Program participants speak for us…

There’s three entries this month from an IMVC Program

First up an unedited update from a Passport to Work participant:

“the Juno program was a fantastic experience for me, it really built up my confidence and I got to meet a lot of cool people. Thank you to Kha for getting my resume done and making it great. The whole team was just really nice to me. My mentor helped me apply for heaps of jobs, and I am so glad I joined the Juno program and got to achieve some personal growth.

Mason – IMVC Youth Representative

“thank you to the people at Juno and my mentor for helping me see job opportunities and job opportunities for the future”

Caleb – IMVC Youth Representative

“I’m glad that I took part in the Juno program and have learnt a lot from Steph, Kha and Thuy. They’ve helped me build up my confidence and put myself out there more. Also they gave me the support And feedback that I needed to help me improve. Their leadership and example has helped me grow and I would not be where I am today without their help. Thank you JUNO program!”

Kelly – IMVC Youth Representative

Tiny Thought, with thanks to Farnham Street

What’s ONE thing you can do today that makes tomorrow easier? Repeat.

Amateurs think in absolutes. Professionals think in probabilities. Think about it…

How brave are you?

Interviewer: Well, this conversation has been great. Thanks again for making the time to come in to meet me. Before we finish up though there’s one more thing I’d like you to talk to me about.

Candidate: Thank you too. I have really enjoyed the conversation and I am very much looking forward to the next steps. Sure thing – what is it?

Interviewer: Task completion.

Candidate: Task completion?

Interviewer: Yes – task completion. You see in this environment seeing things through, getting stuff done, staying the distance on tasks is critical to success. It’s a small team and there really is nowhere to hide, and the deadlines just keep on rolling in.

Candidate: I see, and I completely understand. I think I can give you some comfort here based on my track record, and I know my referees will certainly attest to my perseverance levels.

Interviewer: Perseverance – you are speaking my language. Tell me a little more.

Candidate: I have a thing for finishing what I start, and being persistent. There’s obviously a sweet spot to be found between giving up and digging in – being a little stubborn at times if you like. My experience base has enabled me to figure out that sweet spot most of the time. It’s not a perfect science as you’d appreciate, but helplessness and giving up don’t feature in my work, and with that said I also have the ‘smarts’ to know when to give in and let go a little too.

Interviewer: Okay that’s great, and probably enough for now – thank you. I’ll send you an email in the next day or two that will outline the next steps in our process.

You’ve just read a piece of micro-fiction. As real as it may have felt for you, it’s fiction. Fiction connected to the real world of Character Strengths and their optimal use in everyday situations. Keen to know more about the work we do on Strengths at JUNO? Let’s chat.

JUNO Graduations, Mock Interview Workshops & Client Celebrations for the month

Thank you for reading JUNO Institute’s News and Views

We’ve been helping clients and partners, and transforming lives in the process, for over two decades. We are always ready to help you tackle your next challenge. Please get in contact with us at JUNO at any time on anything and everything connected to your Leadership Development and Coaching agenda.

Contact JUNO here: Phone: +61 3 9866 7993; Mobile: +61 4 0854 3320

From all of us at JUNO to all of you, wherever you may be, we hope the festive season is as festive as you choose it to be, or choose it not to be. Stay safe and well over the December / January period.
Armed with our Certified Social Trader status we are set for a big 2024, and we remain truly grateful for the support we receive from our clients and partners in these most challenging of times.

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