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JUNO Journal: September 2023

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Flourishing and Thriving

Spring has sprung – again. My oh my the years sail by very quickly, don’t they?

I had a couple of potential topics in frame for this month’s message. Spring time was one, my beloved Collingwood Magpies in the AFL Finals was another. Both are great and wonderful topics of course, but I’ve settled on ‘flourishing’.

Perhaps there’s a connection between Spring, Collingwood, Finals and flourishing anyway; but I

At JUNO we face the issue of ‘flourishing’ (and languishing) quite regularly. Our Proteges and Mentors all have their own stories and are all walking their own paths. When they land in a JUNO Program we have to try and figure out where they are at – quick smart. We’ve been doing what we do at JUNO now for 22 years, and while much has changed, humans and their daily and weekly challenges haven’t changed too much at all.

I read an article recently that zeroed in on flourishing and what leaders can do in their workplaces and with and for their teams to assist them to flourish.. I couldn’t find the article readily to reference it for you here, but from my scribbled notes at the time of reading it here’s a little food for thought.

The article spoke of four essential freedoms that we ‘need’ access to in order to flourish (at work):

Freedom to be authentic; and freedom to become our best selves. Quite self-explanatory.

Freedom to step back – this freedom was about having the opportunity to schedule and calibrate workload and build time in, when needed, to pull back a little.

Freedom to fail. This freedom is definitely a little controversial at times, but ties in with psychological safety, and the idea that perfect can be the enemy of good. Calculated risks are in frame here also.

Interesting ideas I thought.

Here’s to Spring-time, and to Collingwood’s crack at the AFL Premiership.

Here’s to human flourishing at work, and in life.

Reads and Listens of the Month

At JUNO we read plenty and we listen to lots connected to Leadership, Leadership Development, Coaching and more. We have too, to stay current.

Each month we’ll include a link (or two or three) to an article or podcast that is topical and timely for you to read or listen to and reflect on. Curating and sharing is just our humble way of contributing to the pursuit of excellence in all things leading and leadership.

For this month:

Who doesn’t like a good story? ‘Leadership storytelling has many critical components and uses, but a key characteristic of storytelling is that it is a vehicle for sharing authentic emotion, in a persuasive way.’ A great read from Forbes:


The secret to happiness in 35 words – reproduced in Inc.


Form your own views about the 20 features or habits of top performing leadership teams


Bored? Work with it, not against it. Thanks HBR


‘The Voice’ of JUNO Program Participants:

Making a Difference through Human Connection

At JUNO we choose NOT to ‘market’ who we are and what we do. 21 years on and strong our Programs and our legacy speak for themselves.  What better way to spread the good word and work of JUNO than let Program participants speak for us…

This month, here’s an unedited update from a Passport to Work participant just under 12 months post-program:

I struggle in work environments and getting myself out there and having Imogen (JUNO Mentor) there as someone to talk to rather than someone to pressure me into working was phenomenal. The JUNO program really helped me feel more comfortable in putting myself out there and showing that I’m available.

Ash – IMVC Youth Participant

It’s all of the Ash’s out there that keep us going, that drive our purpose, that keep us focussed
on the things that matter.

Tiny Thought, with thanks to Farnham Street

Do your job.
Sweat the details.
Put the team first.
Be attentive.
Ignore the noise.
Speak for yourself.

The surface area of luck increases if you get more shots on goal, you’re well-positioned (changes in environment, ability to endure pain, etc.), you have a long time horizon, you have access to a network of successful people, and you mix curiosity, energy, and integrity.

It’s all a matter of – Perspective

Wow – how good was that presentation?

I know right – it was clear and really compelling. That 3-year forecast stuff. Double wow!

Agree – a lot of people stand up and tell you – here’s the ‘big picture view’ – but it’s often just a rehash of what we already know from the current year’s plan. Exciting times ahead.

Yeah for sure. She really nailed that wider and broader view, and joined a few dots that I didn’t fully appreciate were actually connected.

That part of the presentation where all the components came together made sense. And it didn’t come across as arrogant or know-it-all.

For sure, it definitely wasn’t superficial or shallow (as a few have been in the past).

Oh to be so wise eh?

Indeed. I might buy a book about wisdom lol.

You’ve just read a piece of micro-fiction. As real as it may have felt for you, it’s fiction. Fiction connected to the real world of Character Strengths and their optimal use in everyday situations. Keen to know more about the work we do on Strengths at JUNO? Let’s chat.

JUNO Graduations, Mock Interview Workshops & Client Celebrations for the month

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